The Lamy Safari is one of those fountain pens that is on many recommended pens lists for first time fountain pen users. The Safari is also the pen that was my re-introduction into the world of fountain pens. At the time I chose a blue Safari with a standard medium nib. They come in a myriad of colours from charcoal black to the demonstrator model in the form of the Vista. I would go on to own three Lamy

Safari’s in my collection in various nib configurations. This particular model has the 1.1mm stub nib in charcoal and is one pen that in regular circulation.

Lamy Safari Boy
Lamy Safari Boy

Appearance wise the Safari is not a pen that will draw attention. The ABS plastic construction means that the Safari is a light pen. It is also durable, I have owned the first of my Safari’s for close to 8 years and it is still going strong. The standard configuration of the Lamy Safari is a medium nib, it also comes pre packaged with a Lamy blue cartridge. For those looking for the versatility of changing inks i would recommend spending the extra and purchasing a Lamy Z-24 converter.

One aspect of the Safari that may cause users to either love or hate the pen is its grip section. It forces the user into a standard tripod grip. While this has not caused me any problems (I am a left handed underwriter) some users may find this annoying to the point of hating the pen. This may be of particular problem to those with left handed hooked writing positions.

Performance wise the 1.1mm stub writes extremely well. Paired with Diamine Violet, it is a smooth writer. The Safari nibs across the range from extra-fine to 1.9mm stub are made of steel and hard as a nail. This lack of line variation in the standard medium nib is one reason i chose to change to the 1.1mm stub. The wider lamy nibs (1.5mm and 1.9mm stub) are known to be somewhat dry. This may be alleviated by saturating the feed manually by twisting the converter.

In conclusion the Safari is one of my tried and true fountain pens. It provides consistent, reliable performance at an accessible price for almost anyone. Its these attributes that may the Safari a pen that is always inked and in my regular rotation.


2 thoughts on “Lamy Safari

  1. Enjoying your new blog! I started out with 2 Safaris (pink and white) and enjoy them. Grip is great fir me but my hubby tried one once and hated it. He holds his pen very weird and so he seems not to like most of my pens. Good luck with your blog!

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    1. Thanks Winnie, I’m glad to hear you like the safari. Maybe a fountain pen with a more rounded grip section might suit. I found the pilot prera to be great once posted


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