Currently inked


As usual it seems that I have too many pens inked. Just cant help it 😀


3 thoughts on “Currently inked

  1. It’s a nice blog. I’m also stepping into the world of fountain pens. Can you please recommend me an ink that performs well on low quality paper. Because most of the time I find ink has bled through and that makes the opposite side of the page unusable.
    Thank you in advance.
    Regards – Amila


    1. The bleed through you are seeing occurs due to several factors. The thinness of the paper, the width of the nib and the ink itself. I would recommend using a finer nib such as a fine or extra fine (which puts less ink on paper) when you are writing on such paper. As far as well performing inks, I would recommend Waterman or Diamine as well performing inks. Ultimately the biggest contributor to ink bleed through issue is the paper itself.


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