The Hero 329 was my introduction into fountain pens as a young primary school student in Sri Lanka. The 329 is one of many aerometric filler, hooded nib fountain pens produced by the Hero Pen company. These are effectively Parker 51 clones though the 329 is more comparable to the Parker 21 in build and size.

The plastic body of the 329 makes it a light pen to use. When comparing to other Hero pens such as the 616, the 329 materials and build is of a significantly higher quality and feels much better in hand. The cap also follows the Parker 51 style, with a clutch mechanism that holds the cap to the body. It feels solid and confidence inspiring. The aerometric filler mechanism is sheathed in a thin metal casing. The material choices here follow the low overall cost of the pen. As with Parker pens, filling the 329 is an easy task, though it does require a few more presses of the bar than the Parkers, in order to get a good fill.


Much like many other Hero pens, the 329 puts down a fine line. The steel nib feels smooth in use and performs well with many different inks – Waterman, Parker, Diamine, Noodlers. My preference for wider nibs has seen the 329 relegated to storage but this review has reminded me why I loved this pen. If you are after a low cost hooded nib fountain pen I would most definitely recommend the Hero 329.


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