Chasing Ink

Chasing Ink

One of the reasons many of us love using fountain pens is the ability to choose from the many hundreds of ink choices that are available. Whether it its choosing from the colours of the rainbow, archival, waterproof properties or glow in the dark or UV inks the options and qualities are endless. Newcomers to the fountain pen world can find this choice overwhelming. It is with these thoughts in mind that I have decided to detail my beginnings when I too began chasing ink.

When I first began using fountain pens many years ago as a school student in Sri Lanka, my choices were somewhat limited both by availability and price. Hero pens and inks were the most common in the market and many a student can attest to the wonderful inky smell of Hero black and blue inks.

Hero 329 with Black ink bottle

Parker pens and inks were what we aspired to owning. I have vivid memories of exploring my grandfathers’ study and finding boxes of Parker Quink inks along with his many fountain pens.

Parker Permanent Blue

Years later as I ventured into the world of fountain pens once again I was faced with the choice that many a new fountain pen user faces. What ink do i choose? I began my search by researching, trawling the many pen blogs, and discovered many more along the way. My first ink bottle was a blue ink that i still love today – Waterman Florida Blue which has since been renamed Serenity Blue. It’s punchy vibrant blue colour and great flow and characteristics even on the cheapest paper has made it a goto ink whether I’m using a vintage Parker 51 or modern Lamy Safari.

Having discovered the world of inks I now wanted more. More colour choices to try, Blacks, Greens, Purples and Oranges. I came across Noodlers inks on the fountain pen network and discovered the saturated Polar black and Noodlers Blue.

Noodlers Blue and Polar Black

Later I came across online traders such as Cult Pens and Anderson Pens I was able to try out the tried and true Diamine inks and discovered what have become some of my favourite Violet, Red and Orange inks.

Diamine Orange, Violet, Wild Strawberry, Woodland Green

My collection of inks grows every year, I have discovered what I like and more importantly what I don’t like in inks that I use. I know one thing for sure, this search for that next ink bottle is something I will never tire of because quite simply I love chasing ink!